20 More Bands Shortlisted For A Shot In The Dark

Today marks the 4th anniversary since I opened my first live music photography website, Sub v2.0 Photography.  At the time I never thought I’d end up 4 years later publishing my second (let alone my first) book of live music photographs. After a crack at music journalism with Ragged Press Zine and what feels like a million Red Bulls later, that’s exactly what’s happening.

A Shot In The Dark documents the litany of good times that can be had in the dark (with your pants still on).

I’m immensely pleased to announced that a further 20 bands have been shortlisted  for inclusion in the book, and what a list it is!

Bands/artists announced:

  • Beer Fridge
  • Being Jane Lane
  • Ding Dong Death Hole
  • Diploma
  • Eager 13
  • Ferocious Chode
  • Jerkbeast
  • Keggin
  • The Krunchy Om-Let Experience
  • Motovilikha
  • No Idea
  • Red Light Riot
  • Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams
  • Seedy Jeezus
  • The Bob Gordons
  • The FckUps
  • The Out of Towners
  • The Wrath
  • Tim Hampshire
  • Wolfpack

This list joins the initial 13 artists announced, with yet more artists to be confirmed!

Here’s a little sneak peek to whet your appetite.


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