The Suicide Tuesdays call it a day – 50 images to stoke your memories

Shoot enough bands on enough nights and you can’t help but start developing a symbiotic relationship with at least one or two bands. After all, without the bands, live music photographers would not exist.

There are bands that I’m drawn back to shooting over and over again. The reasons for these repeated re-visitations are often down to a range of factors, including the band offering up a worthy visual spectacle for audiences and photographers alike, delivering great music, or just being a likable bunch of people.

The Suicide Tuesdays  tick all three boxes in spades.  It was with some sadness then that I read a post on their Facebook page announcing that the band will be finishing up after playing their final residency show at The Reverence Hotel on the 29th July.

Over the years I have captured literally thousands of photos of this band, and an image of lead vocalist Joe Guiton’s guitar graced the front cover of my debut photography book, released a couple of years ago.

In my meager attempt to honour The Suicide Tuesdays I thought I’d release a selection of photos of the band captured at various shows (and in the rehearsal studio) over the years.  Thanks for the memories, the tears and the laughs.

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