The Stories Behind A Shot In The Dark #1 – Dead Joe

I’m in the middle of re-editing the 300 plus photos that have been shortlisted for A Shot In The Dark.  The process involves poring through literally hundreds of thousands of photographs to find the original files and re-editing the images for the book.

One of the side benefits of this process has been the numerous reminders of some of the stories associated with the images.

The day I captured Dead Joe playing at the Nevermind the Warp’d Tour Festival in 2015 was one of those stories.  I’d never seen the South Australian three piece before, and they were a pleasure to watch play on the beer garden stage of the festival.  I told them as much after the set, and mentioned that they would be able to see the photographs on my website.  I was met with an instant rejoinder; ‘Just make them black and white.’  The remark stood out in my memory as I was a bit taken a back.  No band had ever demanded I edit photos of a live performance in specific way before.

A few days later, I ceded to the bands demands, editing their photographs in black and white.  A decision that I was pretty bloody happy with to be completely honest.

These images have now been re-edited exclusively for A Shot In The Dark.




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