I see a lot of bands.  I mean if an archive of over 100,000 photos of bands is anything to go by I see an absolute shit ton of bands.  There are some that just burn themselves into my brain, much as their images are burned into the sensor of my camera.  Melbourne’s gothic industrial trio CLIP is one such band.

I had the pleasure of capturing the amazing set the band threw in the faces of an appreciative audience at Bombay Rock a couple of months ago.  Maybe it was the intensity that vocalist Jules brought to the floor, or the ultra cool demeanor of Simon and Dallas on guitar and bass, or maybe it was just the fact that the band had brought their very own strobe light for me to play with, whatever the reason, it was a no-brainer that some of the images would end up in A Shot In The Dark.





Check them out!


CLIP will be appearing in the book, A Shot In The Dark along side 64 other great Australian bands.  Available exclusively via pre-order on Kickstarter.


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