A Shot In The Dark Update

Well nearly half way into the 60 day pre-order campaign and already I’ve received  pledges for the printing of 47 books!  A big thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far.

If you don’t already know about A Shot In The Dark, it’s a 128 page photography book featuring images of 65 great Australian punk and hard rock bands (full list of bands here).  All of the photos have been selected from my personal archives which spans over 5 years of shooting artists performing everywhere from dive bars to festivals.

I am really stoked to be putting out this book.  Sifting through five years of photo files has definitely been fun and brought back memories of some fantastic shows!

This month I’ve managed to locate and re-edit photos of 26 bands and punters (around 150 photos in total) to be included in the book, written the draft for the introduction,  and thanks to Baron von Weasel Music, a Melbourne based band management outfit, I’ve also secured a top end proof reader!

All in all I pretty stoked about how the book is progressing.

How to get a copy of the book?

At this point the only way to get your hands on a copy of the book is to make a pledge on the Kickstarter campaign.  (If we sell enough copies, I may do another print run but I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.)

Making a pledge is pretty easy…

  1. Go to http://kck.st/2OaT3L1 and choose which pledge package you want.
  2. No money comes out of your account until the campaign finishes September 21.
  3. Once the campaign is finished I’ll use the money to pay for the printing of the books.
  4. I’ll start sending out the books in the first week of December (this gives me enough time to get it printed).
  5. If you come to the launch party in Melbourne the first week of December (details TBA) you can pick up your book while you’re their and I’ll refund your shipping costs!

How else can I support A Shot In The Dark?

Share the hell out of it!  Tell your mates.  If you’re in the book then definitely tell your mum!

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