A Shot In The Dark Teaser Video

Just over half way into the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and the A Shot In The Dark has attracted 60 backers, and people have pledged for 59 books so far.

It’s also been a busy time behind the scenes as I’ve been trawling my archives to track down and edit the original photo files in preparation for the layout phase of the book.  I’m about two thirds of the way through this stage of the process and really starting to see how the book is taking shape.  The result- I’m pretty damned happy!

Check out the the teaser video for a little preview of some of the photos going into the book.


A Shot In The Dark is a book of live music photographs captured by Melbourne based live music photographer Matt Gleeson.  The 128 page book features over 200 photos of over 60 great Australian punk and hard rock bands.

At this point the book is available exclusively through the crowdfunding campaign.  Pledge for yours now via http://kck.st/2OaT3L1  and don’t pay til September 21!

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