A little update from 3 Chord Images – Image requests and prices

Over the years of shooting bands I have received countless requests for a high resolution copy of this or that photograph. I have happily obliged this in the past, however I am finding it increasingly difficult to fulfill these requests as more and more people message me wanting an image file.

Meeting these demands is becoming increasingly time consuming, as I need to locate the original RAW files and re edit them without watermarks. This is often compounded when someone requests a photo I’ve taken weeks, months or even years ago (finding one photo out of nearly 7TB of raw images can be challenging at times).

Taking all of this in to consideration I have decided to charge a fee to fulfill these requests in the future. Prices will be dependent upon the number of photos requested and extra fees will be incurred if they photos were captured over a number of dates. In addition I am now offering a print service, where people can request a fine art quality print of any of the images featured on the website in A4, A3 and larger sizes. To get a quote simply email me at raggedpress@gmail.com

I want to thank everyone who has supported 3 Chord Images so far and want to stress that I will be continuing to capture artists performing and posting galleries of watermarked photos to the website.

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