Everything you need to know about the line up announcement for 3 Chords and The Tooth Fest

If you were paying attention you would have noticed that 3 Chord Images announced the 13 band line up for 3 Chords and The Tooth Fest last week, and now here’s everything you need to know about this carefully curated line up.


Melbourne’s DickLaser bring their cheeky observations on life, packaged in some fast and accessible garage punk to 3 Chords and the Tooth Fest. This band’s pedigree for silliness and fun spans Strawberry Fist Cake, The Murderballs, Admiral Ackbar’s Dishonourable Discharge, The Cruntburgers, TimStrng and the Udder Ubductees – with a heritage like this, Dicklaser can only be described as a Melbourne punk super group (super fun that is)!

Shapes Like Rapids

Light on lyrics, heavy on riffs, Shapes Like Rapids is not music to make you think, but it will sure as hell make you smile. The stoner garage rock punk four piece sport a killer line up including Nath (The Ramshackle Army, The Big Southern, and previously The Morrisons and Sky Watch Traffic) on guitar and vocals, James (From The Ramshackle Army, The Old Couple, and previously Cat Gut Marry) on bass, Oakie (Previously from Bruntasurus, Crak and Pan) on drums, and Dalton (Previously from Canyon) on guitar. These guys are definitely worth getting in early for.

Radio Rejects (NSW)

Get to the minivan! Wollongong’s self proclaimed Dadcore band prove you’re never too old to spew out some skate punk and attitude. Featuring a new line up and some new tunes for the band’s second foray south, we’re looking forward to watching Smyth (ex Skinpin / ex Steel City All Stars / ex a bunch of other stalwart gong punk bands) front the band for the first time. Radio Rejects mightn’t make it onto your average commercial radio station, but they will almost certainly have you chorusing along to some catchy tunes.

Bastard North

Apparently Melbourne fuzz rockers Bastard North are not here to fuck spiders, nor are they sketchy. Fast becoming a firm audience favourite, Bastard North offer up a collection of riffs that leave you begging for more. Quite honestly these guys should be getting on much bigger bills than they are currently being offered and we were stoked when they agreed to jump on board for 3 Chords and the Tooth Fest.


If you love 90’s alt rock, you’ll love Slugbucket! So grunge you’ll think you got extra drunk, passed out and got shanghai’d to Seattle in a time machine. With tracks that L7, Hole and Nirvana would all be proud of, make sure you don’t miss Slugbucket’s set, because it’s sure to be a cracker!

Beyond Contempt

Fast, hard, bruising, Beyond Contempt hit hard, but in recent times they haven’t hit very often, which makes us even more pleased that the lads in Beyond Contempt have agreed to jump on the bill of 3 Chords and The Tooth Fest. Get ready for your earholes to be thrashed like the gearbox on your very first car while your nostrils are blistered by the singed wiring of burnt out amps, as these guys are promising to bring their A game to the festival.

Cull – the Band (SA)

I have a theory that that weird taste in Adelaide water can in the right conditions produce the odd punk super group, or maybe it’s the Coopers. Either way Cull – The Band are sure to set your brain on fire promising nothing but god damned punk rawk and roll. Off the back of supports with legends like T.S.O.L. and CJ Ramone and featuring members/ex members of Exploding White Mice, Blood Sucking Freaks, and Ben Gel and the Boneyard Saints, to name a few, Cull – The Band are sure to please!

All We Need

Melbourne skate punks All We Need have been pretty quiet, playing only a handful of shows in the last 5 years, which makes their appearance at 3 Chords and the Tooth Fest all the more special. Fast paced melodic skate punk is All We Need’s jam and the only thing that would improve their set is if they brought along a half pipe and threw it down in the middle of the pit.

Check them out on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2bIVqJQ7U2W8JoL3oYl4BM

Shadow League

Even though Shadow League is the only folk punk/acoustic act on the bill, don’t be fooled, the audience is sure to go off when this duo take to the floor. With tunes that regularly have audiences chorusing along with beers held high, Shadow League always manage to produce a much bigger sound than a two piece act ever has a right to be able to deliver. With a catalog that includes tracks such as Mariachi, Fall Where You Do and Out On A Limb, I’m hard pressed to think of a single shit song that these guys have written. Definitely not to be missed.

Udder Ubductees

Quite honestly no one can call an event a festival unless it includes a cow and alien abduction themed punk band. Thankfully we have Udder Ubductees to fill the bill. Forget the Lizard people, the Udder Ubductees will have you bowing down in worship of your new alien bovine overlords.

I am Duckeye

The lads in I am Duckeye once told me in an interview that they were in search of the brown note. I am Duckeye have never quite made me shit my pants, but hell, 3 Chords and The Tooth Fest might just be the event where the band finally reach the pinnacle of their aspirations, hitting a note so low, that involuntary bodily functions culminate in an extremely awkward silence (and off putting stench). The band combine a sound that has gotten progressively harder, louder and more chaotic over the last few years, with a litany of absurdist observations on life. You can pretty much guarantee something is going to get damaged during their set. It might be your hearing, it might be your dignity, it might be your mind, or it might just be a guitar.


F is for Fun, F is for Flangipanis, F is for Fuck me they’re good! If you haven’t heard the Flangipanis, we offer our condolences and hope you get to move out from under your rock sometime soon.

With a back catalogue of songs that span the absurd to the serious, Flangipanis continue to showcase their diversity, never shying away from experimenting with their sound or calling out the stupidity that is the unfortunate reality of our lives. We couldn’t think of anyone more fitted to headline our very first festival.

Matty G and His Magic Anvil

We saved the worst for last, because quite frankly we wanted people to actually want to come to 3 Chords and the Tooth Fest.

The so called ‘brain child’ of 3 Chord Images photographer Matty G, this musical tragedy consisting of a rock-a-billy turkey strangler, a washed up delta blues guitarist who nearly made it in the nineties, and a front man who might be better off containing himself to shooting bands in the face are making a comeback. The new and improved lineup includes the additions of a drummer who doesn’t know he’s in the band yet, a ranga who will probably go up in flames as soon as they turn on the stage lights and an all new and improved magic anvil.

As one punter put it, “The thing I like about Matty G and His Magic Anvil is the band that came on after them”, which kind of makes them the best, worst opening band for a music festival ever. While they may well live up to their self proclaimed status as the worst band in the world, Matty G and His Magic Anvil are also as funny as hell so make sure you get down early to catch the dumpster fire!

Make sure you check out the 3 Chords and The Tooth Fest Event Page to stay current with updates and we’ll see you in the pit 23rd November at Bombay Rock – It ain’t dentistry – it’s just 3 Chords and The Tooth!

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