The Sara Eida Trio, Smashfest, The Spotted Mallard, 11th August 2018


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  1. Wow. The band is SARAH EIDA Trio yet most of the photos are of the dudes behind her, one picture of her. Obviously the photographer is a dude and uses too much flash. My eyes are rolling so much they’re in danger of falling out of my head. Slow clap.

    1. Hi Lilith

      Thank you for your comment. I just wanted to point out that while I applaud your passion for addressing what you recognise as possible gender inequality at play, in this instance you have made some assumptions that are inaccurate.

      I don’t know whether you were in attendance at the show, but if you were, you might have recognised that conditions were difficult, with absolutely no stage lighting, no actual stage and very little in the way of natural light. To top it off the very small room was packed, which is great for all the bands that played, however this does add a degree of difficulty when trying to remain as unobtrusive as possible.

      I took 22 photos of the Sarah Eida Trio in total (8 of Sara and the remainder split between the other 2 members of the band). If you have done any photographic work at all, you’ll know that the screen at the back of the camera doesn’t always give you the best representation of what you have captured, so I was a little mortified to find that once I’d got the images onto the computer many of them were soft and out of focus. I was forced to select the best from what was essentially a bad shoot (hey it happens to us all). At no time was gender a consideration when selecting the photos. I do acknowledge that it seemed unfair that there was only one photo of Sara in the gallery, but short of putting up sub standard or unflattering photos, I did the only other thing that I could think to do which was ensure that the image of Sara is prominently placed as the header image for the post.
      I don’t know Sara well, but I have had the pleasure of working with her in the past and highly respect the work she does. Additionally I work with many other female artists, venue managers and venue staff, and not once has an allegation of this type been leveled against me, most likely because I’m pretty transparent regarding my belief that female involvement in the music industry should be valued on equal footing with their male counterparts.

      Just as a last note, live music photography is my passion job. It doesn’t earn enough of a crust to keep me in Red Bull and skittles, so I also have a day job. I work as a Health Promotion Officer where a key part of my role is the promotion of gender equality and the prevention of violence against women. I have worked (and continue to work) on a number of projects in this area including developing and delivering training to build capacity to call out gender inequality and every day sexism when people see it. So if I may share a little bit of my own learning in that area, if you are truly serious about promoting change, making snarky comments online has never been the most effective way of persuading someone to your point of view.

      I am happy to speak with you further about this, however in the interests of not detracting from the main purpose of this site, which is to celebrate local live music, I would encourage you to contact me directly via my email address which can be found on the contact page of this site.

      Yours Respectfully

      Matt Gleeson

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